Sponsor a Walker

You can sponsor a walker at any time after their team has been registered and accepted. Online sponsorship is the safest way to donate. The walker sees their sponsorship total rising. It enables us to add Gift Aid to your donation with the least effort.

Alternatively, you can sponsor a walker via an official Keswick to Barrow Walk paper ‘SAGA’ (Sponsor and Gift Aid) Declaration form. We have a team of volunteers to check these forms, and to supply valid SAGA forms to the charities for them to claim the Gift Aid: (This process requires sponsors to include their full name and HOME address with postcode on the SAGA form, and to tick the Gift Aid box if they declare that they are taxpayers).

NO OTHER SPONSORSHIP METHODS ARE PERMITTED. Please do not give money directly to a charity or via an agency such as JustGiving. These transactions would breach the Terms and Conditions that all walkers agree to. In consequence, the walker and/or team could be banned from the event.

The main objective of the event is to raise funds to support charities and good causes within the Cumbria community. The event is non-profit making, and is not supported by substantial corporate sponsorship. The organisers are only able to meet the event’s community objectives and cover the event’s costs by allocating 33% of every team’s total sponsorship money for these purposes, irrespective of the number of walkers in the team. The organisers enable team co-ordinators to nominate charities and good causes (as a collective team nomination, subject to acceptance by the organisers) to receive the remaining 67% of the sponsorship money that they have raised.